Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DAY 1 - 11.6.2006

Gentlemen, start your engines!
The road trip has started. Around 2pm Finnish time we jumped in our car and headed to the Katajanokka harbour in Helsinki. At first, it seemed we had to hurry in order to catch the ferry on time. We drove about 130km/h to Helsinki. It doesn't sound much but with our car we have to keep our top speed below 100 or the car will use too much gasoline. The distance from Tampere to Helsinki is about 200 km, so it meant that our gasoline price for the route was pretty high.
Helsinki was less crowded as we expected, so we made it to the cruise ship on time. Unfortunately our rushing had caused us to forget to draw money from our bank account, so we had to start our trip without cash. Well, there's no use of euros in Sweden or Denmark so we have to put our faith in our Visa credit card anyways.

Weather was perfect, almost too perfect. It's not so nice traveling in good sunshine. We had brought some food with us to the ship, so we decided to skip the dinner buffet. After doing all the shopping in tax-free shop, we went to the cabin for a quick nap. The earlier night was kind of short because of our farewell party, so we needed a sleep. After naptime we were ready for the dance floor:)

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