Monday, June 26, 2006

DAY 13 - 23.6.2006

The schedule for the second day in Estoril was quite simple: Sun as much as possible! After waking up we went to get some breakfast before going to the beach. We took enough food so that we wouldn't have to get out of the sun because of lunchtime

Before driving to South, there was still one place we wanted to see. Our travel guide mentioned a place called Sintra. It is supposed to be an old town near the mountains with beautiful fairy tale castles and green parks. A big favourite among backpackers. So we took the 7pm bus to there. Because the last bus back to town would leave 8.30pm, we didn't see much of that place. What a shame, it really looked nice as far as we saw it. But it mostly was all about taking long walks along the beautiful scenery, and me and Arttu really weren't so interested in romantic walks:)

When we got back to Cascais, we went to buy some food for the evening and went to Estoril to get our car. We had very nice time here, but more adventures were ahead.

Along with cheap ice cream, one other thing was great in Portugal. Portugal has the best radio channels that we have heard so far. Especially during night time. In other countries where we have driven there isn't really good radio stations. I mean both the quality of music and size of stations. We have had to change stations quite often as their signals become weak. There hasn't been good nationwide stations, but in here it's different. Driving during the early hours of the night has been a pleasure, and it still was as we were driving to Algarve. Maybe Arttu doesn't agree as he has had to listen my singing while we drive. But at least one of us is having good time:)

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