Thursday, June 29, 2006

DAY 18 - 28.6.2006

We couldn't believe our eyes as we woke up: the sky was white from clouds. After an hour of waiting in the car the sky got bright again. It's usually like that in here, but before this morning the clouds have disappeared a lot sooner so that delay made us worry. Anyway, the day was saved and we could go back to plan A.

We went to a supermarket to get some breakfast and went to eat those to the harbour. Arttu said that Alicante is a bt like Monaco. Thats because the harbour is full of big ships. There seems to be lots of rich people in Alicante. Two thirds of the population is from abroad so that tells something about this place.

The beach was quite full as we got there. But it didn't matter. We put on our sun tan lotions and started to worship the sun. We spent about eight hours at the beach and the result was as expected: I managed to burn myself and Arttu did not. Well, I was using quite small SPF as this was our seconde last day in a beach before going to middle Europe. I took a risk and lost. So it goes. After getting enough sun we went to eat at the same tapas restaurant as yesterday. The tapas are just so delicious there. After eating we went for a little walk. We bought postcards and new beach towels.

The rest of the evening went by lying on the beach writing these diaries and waiting for the fireworks to start again. This time we decided to watch the spectacle at the other side of the beach closer to the fireworks. We got to test our new beach towels as we lied down on the sand watching the show. The towels were excellent but they wont ever replace the old one I lost. The smell in that one was so unique... sniff...

Today's fireworks were once again spectacular. It wasn't same as yesterday but now they even had sounds in their rockets. I don't mean the explosion sounds, there were also other sounds after the big booms. It was also amazing to watch those from such a short distance. In Finland that kind of distance would be illegal. Ok, enough of the fireworks.

After the show we left Alicante. Now we were on our way to Valencia. But before Valencia we wanted to stop at Benidorm. Not because of it's reputation, but because we wanted to check if there were showers on the beach. For our surprise there were none in Alicane, and neither in Benidorm. I don't really know when was the last time we used shower with soap:) The side effects don't bother us, but I'm starting to think it bothers others;)

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