Thursday, June 29, 2006

DAY 16 - 26.6.2006

I had once been in Gibraltar so I wasn't really sure should I join Arttu to see all the sights of "the Rock". Finally I decided to just walk across the mountain without seeing the sights I had already seen and it just cost 1 euro that way. The views were nice and so were the monkeys, or actually macaques.

At one point Arttu went to see the rest of the sights and I walked down from the mountain. The main shopping street of Gibraltar was pretty crowded. The majority of tourists were British, as Gibraltar's official currency is the Pound and official language is English. I returned back to Spain to eat cheaper and to wait Arttu. As I waited I decided to go to a beach next to our car. After Arttu returned we headed to our next city.

Because there is not much to see in Gibraltar, we wanted to see another city today. That was Malaga. Unfortunately there was a 2 hour drive and we had to drive daytime. So for two hours we had to sweat in our van. As if that wasn't too bad, our car's air condition started to act weird... well, we don't really have an air condition, it just blows not so cool air inside the car and now it was just blowing it on the windshield. At times it worked normally.

Malaga turned out to be a beautiful city. It didn't have a beach in the city centre, but the walking roads and avenues were pretty and clean. If I will some day come to Costa del Sol, I will definitely make a day trip to Malaga to do all the shopping there.

After long walks in Malaga, we left the city and went to a gas station to sleep. We have slept in gas stations for several days now. I just wonder how many days less will our lives last because of that:)

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