Friday, June 16, 2006

DAY 5 - 15.5.2006

At the land of windmills. Well, actually I saw only one windmill. Maybe there's something wrong with my eyes or they had just disappeared from the roads we were driving. Anyways, what I remember from Dutch scenery is that it's flat everywhere and often it smells a bit weird:) But the roads were in pretty good shape.

Our first impression of the Amsterdam wasn't so good. We had very hard time finding a parking place for our car, because we didn't want to pay too much. We never found a free parking. The smallest amount we saz was two euros for an hour and it continued until midnight. So because of that and driving in the small streets all over the city we were pretty pissed. Oh, and for the first time it rained... damned. No wonder drugs are legal in Amsterdam, after driving around the city in a search for a parking spot you have to get some drugs to release your stress:

Once we got to the city centre our bad feelings disappeared. It was nice to see lots of busy tourists and all those little souvenir shops. And the houses, canals and bridges were also very beautiful. We walked quite long in those beautiful scnenerys. At one point we stopped at the harbour and decided to have a tourist boat trip along the waterways. It was nice as we could just sit back and listen to introductions in english instead of trying to read everything from the Let's Go's and Lonely Planet's books.

As it is obvious, most of the souvenirs related to drugs and the famous red light district. We skipped the drug experimenting because we were leaving the city on the same day. We also had to see the red light district. But we didn't do anything there... honestly;) But it was worth of seeing, even though the day was still bright when we got there.

We left in the evening, said goodbye to Holland and welcomed Belgium.

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