Saturday, June 17, 2006

DAY 6 - 16.6.2006

We managed to screw up our visit to Brussels early. We slept pretty late, so late that when we arrived Brussels, it was in the midle of the morning rush hour. It took a while to get to the city centre but luckily we found a parking place quite fast. We bought a city map from a gas station and asked for directions. We used the metro and got up at the cathedral in the centre. We walked around the centre and saw the sights including that pissing boy, 'manneken pis'.

Our travel books said that when in Belgium, you have to taste waffles and famous Belgium chocolate. The national dish was too expensive, because it included everything like champagne. We skipped also the chocolate Pralines, but the waffles were wonderful.

The day was beautiful. No signs of the clouds we saw in Amsterdam. So after lunch we went to this big park to take a nap. We didn't want to travel in such sunshine. After an hour of sleep we headed back to our car. On the way there we met these two finnish girls. They noticed us because we had bought a flag of Finland from Hamburg, and we kept it on our backpack. Sometimes at crossroads or rushes we also wave that flag from our car. Unfortunately we don't have Lordi's eurovision song on a cassette, so we can't play it loudly at the same time:)

We tried to leave before the rush hours but unfortunately we stayed too long at the park. It was amazing how many people came to work from neighbouring cities. We spent about an hour and a half in the rushes. Not just because of the rush hour but because of bad signs in roads. It was almost impossible to find a right way to Paris. So we made lots of wrong turns.
I can't wait for the rushes in Paris.

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