Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 17 - 27.6.2006

Next on the list was Granada. It was located in the inner land, so no beaches for us:( Granada reminded me of Brussels. The streets were a bit old and dirty and the sights were just about old buildings and stuff like that. So it was a "granny city" as we call those. Not worth to visit before the age of 80 years:) Oh, speaking of grannies. There are lots of grannies who pull you over by handing you some stick and then they read your future from your hand in 30 seconds. One of them said at least that I get a beautiful wife and two children. Suits me:) The rest what she said I couldn't understand. But maybe she put some curse on me because I didn't give her one euro, so she took that stick away from me. Damned tourist harrassing grannies!

In Granada we walked with our flag of Finland attached to my backpack and finally it happened: as I was waiting Arttu this one security guy walked by me and said to me "Finland" and after I answered him he said something about Lordi!!! :) Our first Lordi comment of our trip. We should have that flag with us more often, but we always forget it. Yesterday when we were driving to Malaga we ran into some heavy traffic right outside the city so we pulled over to a Lidl supermarket and bought something to eat and then went for a picnic into this traffic circle. We put our flag on the grass and got few happy reactions from people passing by. But I think rest of the people didn't really like our place of picnic:)

Anyway, after quick sightseeing tour in Granada we left the place. We were in a hurry because we wanted to get to our next destination before Brazil's game would begin. The drive to there took about three and a half hours and once again during hot sunshine. We didn't get there in time so we watched the first half in a restaurant next to our road.

Once we got to Alicante our hopes came true. The beach was right in the city centre and it was perfect! The only problem was that it wasn't just for us, lots of other people had found the beach as well:) The water had not been warmer in any places we had visited so far. It was about seven when we got there so we could not improve our tan. We just relaxed and waited for evening's game: Spain against France. We went to this one bar to watch the game. Once again bars and restaurants had brought their tables and stools outside.

We have been quite disappointed of the way Spanish people follow the world cup. there are no big screens in cities, just those in bars. Well, there's one in Madrid but we weren't going there. Now we had the chance to see how they cheer for their own national team. We didn't have to wait long as the Spaniards scored quite early in the game. They were quite happy, but nothing like football fans in Portugal. For my pleasure, the rest of the goals were made by the French so France won. I like France's team more than Spain's. We watched the game once again with a litre of Sangria as our company. There was no driving for tonight as we wanted to enjoy Alicante's beach for a whole day.

After the game we went to eat at this one tapas bar. Tapas were 1.20 euros each so we took several. After eating we were ready to call it a day, until we saw lots of people going to the beach . We wanted to see what it was all about. We remembered that in our travel guide it read that there was this week long festival going. We just had not seen anything related to it during the day. But once it was midnight a huge fireworks show started. It was nothing I had ever seen. It lasted over half an hour. I thought I had seen all the fireworks but now I saw something new. There were rockets that made pictures like flower and a heart and rockets that went up, came down a bit and went back up again... wow!=) After the show we finally returned to our car and went to sleep.

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