Thursday, June 15, 2006

DAY 4 - 14.6.2006

Hello World Cup!
We left Julesminde and Ieva early on the wednesday morning and headed to Hamburg, Germany. We arrived in Hamburg around noon and after asking for direction we found a perfect parking place for our car near this one lake. We walked from there to the city centre. You could see that the number one topic in Germany at the moment was football. Everywhere you could see something related to football. We saw some national football team leaving Hamburg, when we first pondered why police was stopping every car and making the street empty. At the city centre there was lots of different tents full of different food for the football fans. I tried the famous german sausage Bratwurst there... and suprisingly I liked it. Actually I ate those the whole day:)

After getting to know the centre, we headed to the World Cup Fan Fest. It's a festival area for all those football fans that didn't get tickets to the games. There was a big screen where you could watch a football game and lots of different shops selling fan stuff. There was also lots of free things. For instance we went to paint our faces to show our support to Poland's and Germany's football teams. We watched Spain's game which started at 3pm and then we went to walk around the city before the evening game Germany versus Poland started. When we got to the Fan Fest area in the evening the area was full of people, mostly germans cheering for their team. I got some mean looks from the German fans because I wore those Poland's flags on my cheeks.

We wanted to leave early so that we could still drive while sun was up, so we only watched the first half of the game. Unfortunately Germany didn't score on the first half. We wanted to hear how much noise they'd make. But so far they had made so much noise that we could have imagined how the fans would scream after a goal. We jumped into U-bahn to get to our car. We made some wrong movements and got a bit lost in there:) That's why as we started the trip towards next city, the game was already ended. From the sounds of the car horns, we knew that Germany had won:)

Go Germany!

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