Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DAY 9 - 19.6.2006

A new week and a new country. This time it's Spain's turn to charm us. I think the whole idea of this fast traveling from city to city is that we see as much as possible and in the future we can easily decide which places are worth to visit again. During our first week few places have left me thinking: "I have to come back here again". Now was San Sebastian's chance to get into that short list.

San Sebastian is quite small beach city not far from France's border. Lots of french people come here although not because of the beach but because tobacco is cheaper in Spain:) France has it's own beaches which we will hopefully see in July.

It didn't take us long to see all the main area of San Sebastian. We walked around the city's streets and ate some tapas, which they call here as Pinxtos or something like that. We also climbed to one of the two little mountains or hills actually. From there you have a nice view over the town and it's white beaches.

After coming down from the hill, we went to the beach to take a little nap. This time it was impossible for us to burn ourselves, because there was thick clouds in the sky. Back in Finland I heard from one international student that Northern Spain is very beautiful, but the weather is very unstable. So it seems.

After saying goodbye to Setsuko, we headed to Bilbao... UNTILL we ran into heavy rain. While waiting for the rain to stop, we decided to reconsider our travel route. We had made our plans in Spain quite quickly. So quickly that we had not noticed what the coast is like. It was quite roughed so the altitude changed constantly. The roads were nothing but turns, so we made a big change for our route plan. We decided to drive to Portugal a bit further away from the coast. We also read our travel guides and decided to skip few places in the north coast.

We decided to drive a bit south behind the mountains in order to avoid rain and coast's wet climate. After getting to a nice place we went to sleep. It gets dark so much sooner here in the south than back in Finland. I miss Finland's nights!!!

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