Saturday, June 24, 2006

DAY 11 - 21.6.2006

After early wake up call we headed to the serpentine roads of Peneda-Geres. Next place would be Porto famous of it´s port wine. Because the roads to there weren´t so straight we came to the city at the rush hour. We left our car as soon as we were near the city centre and went to search for some form of public transportation. There was a metro nearby so we didn´t have to walk very far away. The streets in the centre were quite small and went up and down again. Luckily we didn´t try to get further with our car. We read our travel guide and wondered around the centre. For our surprise we found that food... and ice cream is very cheap in Portugal. The local Magnum index was 1.30 euros, which isn´t so good, but better than in last countries.

Porto is not located right next to the beach, but the city has been built next to a river. We crossed that river with a nice looking bridge. The river area is pretty nice with all those houses with orange brick roofs. On the other side of the river there were lots of Port wine shops and their workers kept handing leaflets about wine tasting and boat trips along the river. We didn´t want to do either. Instead, we hanged out at the park next to the river. There was a big screen where they showed world cup games and we noticed that there was Portugal´s game today. So we couldn´t leave anywhere, we just waited while relaxing in the sun.

The atmosphere was great when the game started. Luckily Portugal won so everyone was happy. After the game we returned to the centre. There wasn't many sights in Porto so we went to get our car.

Next stop was going to be Lissabon but we didn't have to hurry there. While we were driving an evening game of World Cup started, so we pulled over to a gas station. It was Argentina against Holland. After the game we were pretty tired so we decided to spend the night there.

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