Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DAY 2 - 12.6.2006

Alarm bell started ringing at 7 Sweden's time. Because we had skipped dinner the earlier day, we wanted to wake up early and go to eat a big breakfast. Nothing beats Stockholm cruise's breakfast. After eating properly it was time to pack our bags and move to the car deck. We had to be there early so that there would be no waiting moving the cars outside. That's why we couldn't watch the ship coming to the shore. But hey, we've been on a cruise many times so it was nothing new to us. For the same reason we planned to skip Stockholm and head directly to Denmark. Sweden welcomed us with a cloudless sky. Too bad because that meant 5 hours of driving in a hot van.

We had to stop at a gas station right after leaving Stockholm. At the gas station we met a Swedish hitch hiker called Elias who was heading to Berlin so we promised to give him a lift to Malmo. We had never given a lift to a hitch hiker, so we were a bit sceptic about the whole thing. But our thoughts were soon to be changed. We had nice conversations with Elias... mostly about ice hockey and Eurovision song contest... GO LORDI!!!

We asked Elias about good swimming places along our way. After driving 2 hours in a hot car we needed a swim. Elias guided us to a little but famous town of Gränna, next to the one of the biggest lakes in Sweden, Vättern. He also wanted to buy us Gränna's famous candy called "Polkkagris". Not bad, not bad at all. In candy store we asked our sales person about nearby beaches and there was one few hundred meters away. We went there to swim, get some sunshine and eat our Polkkagris. We stayed there for about 2 hours and continued our trip. Afterwards we noticed that we had managed to burn ourselves at the beach. Second day of the trip and already our shoulders were burned, way to go!

It took about 3 sweaty hours to Malmo. We decided to skip Malmo and go straight to Copenhagen so that we could see that city before the day changed. We dropped Elias in a nearby store and continued to the big bridge separating Sweden and Denmark. We arrived in Copenhagen about 8pm. We left our car near the city centre and walked the rest of the blocks. Our main goal was to visit the walking road called Stroget. We ate our "lunch" there and walked around. We decided to skip the Tivoli because it cost too much. Instead of that we walked to our car and found ourselves back on the highway after few wrong turns.

The sun had already set when we reached the next big bridge. After the bridge we pulled over to this small village and parked at the parking area of this one hotel. That was going to be our sleeping place for the night.

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