Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DAY 3 - 13.6.2006

On the road again...
We woke up at 8am from the parking area. Our first objective was to find food. 500 meters away we found a Lidl. It didn't open until 9am so we went to nearby gas station to wash our faces from the first not so pleasant sleep at our car. After a satisfying breakfast we headed to Odense.

On our way to Odense we decided to skip it and go straight to Billund, the hometown of Legoland. At billund I decided to go visit Legolandia and Arttu decided to stay outside the gates because he had already seen the place. Legoland was nice. A short trip back to the childhood. We met at our car at 4pm and after a shower in a nearby camping area we headed to the small town of Julesminde. Our old Hospitality Club friend, Ieva, was staying there so we wanted to visit her. Julesminde is located next to the sea so after we got to the school Ieva was staying we went straight to the sea for a swim. The water was not so cold as I expected it to be. At the beach we met the rest of the women Ieva was staying with. They were kind enough to offer us an accommodation for the night and a dinner. After the dinner we made a long walk along the shoreline. This night we didn't have to argue about who gets the better sleeping place in the car because we had two good beds for us. Thanks Ieva and the rest of the group in Julesminde!!!

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