Sunday, July 02, 2006

DAY 19 - 29.6.2006

We arrived in Valencia around 4 am. It took a bit longer because we made that stop in Benidorm. Luckily there were showers in Valencia´s beach, so we had a late night shower. At 5 am we were ready for short sleep. We slept four hours and went to search for breakfast. After breakfast Arttu went to the beach and I to an internet cafe. I wasn´t so eager about the beach because I had burned myself a bit the day before. After surfing on the web I changed my mind and went to the beach. After the hottest hours at the beach we were ready for the city centre tour.

First we checked those little shops next to the beach. In Alicante we had already seen these African women who did cornrows and those other hair things for people. They were also in Valencia so I asked one how much would cornrows for whole head cost. The price was 50 euros but I offered all my money to her, which was a bit over 14 euros and after hard bargaining she agreed to do my hair.

It took about half an hour to do my hair. Lots of tourists passing by were lookin as the African woman kept pulling my hair. At one point some reporter lady and a man with a video camera came and interviewed me. They asked me what do I think about Valencia. Of course I had to say nice things to a camera, although I had not really seen more than the beach. I wonder if they ever used that footage and where. Well, that was my fifteen minutes in fame:)

Finally we got to the city centre. It was about 4 km from the beach. There are not so many sights in Valencia, but it is a nice city. We went to the old town to walk around a bit and eat. After seeing enough we started to walk towards the beach where our car was parked. We were there at about midnight. There were lots of young people at the beach even though it was thursday. We didn´t have time to stay there because there was a three hour drive to Barcelona and we wanted to get at least few hours of sleep that night.

After leaving Valencia we ran into police´s check up. I don´t know whether our darkened windows looked suspicious or if it was the driver´s hair style:) Anyway, after a relatively long drug search they let us go. I drove all the way to Barcelona during the night. It´s such a big city that it took a while to find the city centre. But finally we found it and got to sleep. At that time it was almost 6 am. So no long and sweet dreams for me:-/

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