Sunday, July 02, 2006

DAY 20 - 30.6.2006

After few hours of sleep we started our sightseeing tour of Barcelona. We tried to cover as much as possible. We walked the main shopping street called Las Ramblas. It was nice and there were lots of street artists performing, mostly human statues. After some walking we took a break at a park next to the beaches. I wanted to catch a little sleep because after Barcelona our next destination was in Germany, so we had quite long drive to there.

After my nap we went to find a place where to watch Germany against Argentina. Germany won which meant that when we get to Germany for the semifinal matches the atmosphere will be excellent. Good for us.

After the game we continued our walk to the northern part of the city called Gracia. There was this nice park called park G├╝ell. We got a nice view from the top of it, but we didn´t have time to see all of the park as the sun was setting down and we wanted to eat something.

We got back to our car after midnight and started our long drive to Frankfurt, Germany. We had imagined it would be about a 1000km drive but actually it was over 1300km. At times like these I just wish we would be traveling by a train. Damned!

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