Saturday, July 22, 2006

DAY 39 - 19.7.2006

Venice was about 500 km from Rome. I had driven as far as I could the earlier night and Arttu continued in the morning. After some hours we reached Venice. We left our car in a big parking house in Mestre and after breakfast we took a train from there to Venice. The train cost only one euro and took about 10 minutes.

Everyone knows Venice and it's canals. And most of all we wanted to experience those canals. Unfortunately it costs 76 euros to go for a 50 minute Gondole ride, so it was a bit over our budget. We decided to take waterbus (called Vaporetto) number 1 which goes along the Grand Canal to the other side of the town. It was a nice way to see the city from canal's viewpoint. After our boat ride we continued our sightseeing tour on foot. They say it's wonderful to walk in the narrow streets of Venice but much nicer to get lost in there as then there are no other tourists on the roads. And so we did, actually a couple of times:)

After spending the whole day in those narrow streets, we returned to our car. We stopped at a gas station to eat something for dinner. We have noticed that many people eat at those gas station restaurants. And why not as the food is so great there. I fell in love with Paninis in gas statiolns and I had to eat two of them this time. Our mission in Italy was to try as many different foods as possible. We tried pizza, spaghetti, panini, penne pasta and gelato. Unfortunately as it was time to go to Austria, we had not succeeded in trying Italian lasagne:( Mission failed! But at least we haed accomplished another mission: spending 3 days in Italy without getting our car stolen:)

Before leaving the gas station I noticed a sign with a picture of a shower, BINGO! And it didn't even cost anything, actually the hot water cost but who needs it:) We had sweat for several days now so the cold shower felt so good. After we get to home from this roadtrip I'll go to shower at least 4 times a day to make it up for the past weeks.

Once again I had the night shift to drive the car. Near the Austrian border I had to pull over. As there is not much lights in the Alps, the stars were very visible. I had to take a 5 minute break to enjoy the bright star sky. Not far from that place we decided to spend the night there. We wanted to continue in the morning so that we could see these mountains on daylight.

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