Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DAY 29 - 9.7.2006

We woke up at 9am from the gas station where we had driven last night. We were on our way to south Germany to see two famous castles. It wasn't long drive there. After parking our car we started climbing as the castles were up on hills. The Neuschwanstein castle was beautiful. It was the inspiration for Disney castle in Disneyland. We took several pictures of it. There was also this river near the castle and we walked along the rapids. The water was quite cold so it felt gooood.

We had not noticed that with the road we were driving we first arrived in Austria. After seeing a bit of Austria... or it's tunnels, we arrived in Swizerland. We had to buy autobahn viguette in order to drive on highways in Swizerland. Unfortunately they sell only those for the whole year. So we had to pay 30 euros to drive on Swizerland's motorways for 5 days... stupid.

We noticed that the gasoline is cheeper here than in Germany, but once we got to Zurich all the rumours about this expensive country became true. We had to exchange some money because in here they use francs. Cheapest internet cafe's rate was 3.5 euros for half an hour, and the local big mac index was over 8 euros!!! First we thought we will starve to death in here. Earlier we saw some miserable looking backpacker near the train station begging money, now we knew why. If you don't get out of Swizerland fast you will end up on the street begging:)

We went to this one restaurant to watch the WC final. I was a bit disappointed of the end result but Zurich wasn't. There were so many Italians on the street partying. As we returned to our car later on the night, we realized that Italians didn't party so hard as it was quite silent at our car. Well, maybe it was because it is a work day tomorrow. But for us it's another sunday:)

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