Thursday, July 06, 2006

DAY 24 - 4.7.2006

We woke up at 9am and after breakfast we wanted to go see the Mercedes Benz museum. We had to take an S-bahn to get there. The museum was a big building, 9 floors. The museum told the whole history of MB, so it took us 5 hours to go through everything. It could have taken more but after first floors we stopped reading all those infos.

We wanted to see also the Porsche museum but we didn´t have time for it as we decided to go reserve us a good sitting place from where we could watch the Germany vs. Italy match. We went there about four hours before the kick-off and found ourselves a nice place.

The waiting was boring but finally the game started. We didn´t know which one to cheer for. There would be a big party if Germany would win, but on the other hand we would like to see other nations on the finals so that there would be others than just Germans on the streets. It is always too crowded when Germany plazs. Well, Germany lost in the end. They were pretty calm about it. We were expecting some riots:) After seeing enough Italians partying we returned to our car.

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