Thursday, July 06, 2006

DAY 23 - 3.7.2006

After waking up we noticed that we had parked our van 20 meters from a supermarket. So the breakfast was quite close. We ate it at the park and started our sightseeing after that.

Next to the river Rein there are two big hills. On the other there is this famous tourist attraction the castle of Heidelberg. And on the opposite side there is a hill with church ruins, towers and viewpoints. We decided to walk up the hill with better views first. Road to the top of the hill was pretty good and the views were great. There were towers and a church. But the most impressive sight was this thing called "thinkstätte", it was like an amphitheater with seats for 8000 persons. The road there was named as "Philosopher´s way" and at the top of the hill there were the ruins of a church where this priest and philosopher lived. Indeed the philosopher had very inspirational surroundings.

After we came down from the hill we went to that castle on the other side of the river. The castle was very impressive, although it had suffered during World Wars. I had never been in such a big castle so it was worth the few euros to get in there.

After the castle we came down a bit to the main shopping street. We bought postcards and watched the large number of tourists who had come to see the castle.

After seeing the biggest sights we returned to our car. We arrived in Stuttgart at 7pm. We parked our car quite far from the centre. We headed to the city centre as we were going to meet this old HC-friend Vanessa. She and another Vanessa had been my guests last summer in Tampere. Vanessa showed us around the city. We decided to spend two more dazs in Stuttgart as there was quite much to see.


Tomsthere is said...

no sul on vähän hienompi blogi joo, mut ei näkyny kommentteja sielläkään:) ja hei, mä en oo reissussa..sä muuten oot heikoilla honkkarissa,ne naiset syö sut elävältä..

Tomsthere is said...

noin 2 vkon välein..kun ei tääl oo muuta tekemistä:D