Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DAY 34 - 14.7.2006

We woke up at 9.30 without an alarm clock. We had no hurry, the whole day was dedicated to Geneve's sights. Geneve has played an important role in history and nowadays many international organizations like the UN or the Red Cross have their headquarters there. Our first sight was this water fountain on the lake. It is called Jet d'Eau and it is the highest water fountain in Europe, with water shower reaching as high as 140 meters. It has become the symbol of Geneve, which you can find in most of the postcards.

After Jet d'Eau we continued our sightseeing tour. We went to see the old town, gardens, HQ of UN, the hotel where the world leaders met in 1864 for the Geneva Convention, all those basic sights. The shopping streets were big and there were many shops for rich tourists. Those kinds of shops that wouldn't let me in:)

After seeing enough we rushed to a beach. Our feet had deserved a small rest after all that walking. Next to the lake there was this outdoor movie theatre called Orange Cinema. We had read about those already in Zurich and wanted to try one. Unfortunately in the evening the wind was very strong and we weren't so interested in the movie they were showing, so we skipped it. Instead we went for a late night swim and to sleep. We had a good parking place for our car so we wanted to sleep one more night there.

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