Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DAY 28 - 8.7.2006

After waking up we went to that castle I found the earlier day. We walked around the park and then headed to the city centre. We had slept quite late because we didn't have big plans for the day.

After breakfast we went to this Englischer Garten. This English Garden is Europe's largest public metropolitan park. And on a nice day like this people go there to play games and relax. We even saw some guys surfing... yes, surfing on the water. At the edge of the park there are these big rapids, and there were about 10 guys with their small surfboards.

After a long walk in the park we headed west. We wanted to go Munchen's Fan Fest area because tonight there was Germany vs. Portugal, WC bronze medal match. We arrived there about 3 hours before the game, so we got ourselves pretty good spots on the grass hill. When the game started the area was full and the atmosphere great. I only saw one flag of Portugal so it was pretty obvious which team the crowd was cheering for:) For our luck Germany won and the after party was ready to start. There were huge fireworks for Germany's victory and after that they played music and Germans celebrated. After one hour of partying we left the area. We took an U-bahn to city centre and walked to our car.

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