Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DAY 21 - 1.7.2006

We continued driving at 7am after getting some sleep. Today´s schedule was simple: driving, driving and football. And of course the weather was perfect so that our drive to there would be as hot and sweaty as possible. We made several stops on our way to Frankfurt. No way you can drive 14 hours straight without ice cream!!!

We listened to England vs. Portugal match from our radio. When the normal and extra times were over we wanted to pull over so that we could see the penalty shootout. For our disappointment England lost. The game wasn´t the only thing slowing us down. After a while we had to stop on the autobahn. Germany´s fast motorways had once again caused another accident. For a while it seemed that we would be late from our appointment in Frankfurt.

Our friend, Mr. Jari Pulkinen, had decided to join our road trip team for 5 days. His plane arrived in Frankfurt at 7pm and around 8pm he would be in the city centre. Luckily we had just parked our car when we received his sms about arriving in the centrum. So our timing was perfect. We went to get Jari from the train station and after that hurried to the fan fest area to see Brazil vs. France game.

When we got to the fan fest area it was full. So we had to watch the game from one bridge. They had put huge big screens in the river. For our disappointment the wrong team won, goodbye Brazil:( But the French people were quite happy. We watched how they celebrated and returned to our car after seeing enough. The city was so full that we didn´t feel like going to bars or clubs on this saturday night.

We had left our car in the centrum and when we got to sleep we realized our mistake. When we were ready for sleep some small drunk French group came and were amused about us and our way of sleeping. There were also others sleeping in their cars. We got to sleep after that little situation, until at 6am another French group saw us. Because there were 3 of us in the car, one of us had to sleep on the front seat, so that was quite visible. After a nice wake up we tried to get some sleep again.

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