Friday, July 14, 2006

DAY 32 - 12.7.2006

We woke up at 7am. Next city on our list was Interlaken, Southwest from Luzern. Interlaken is a 20 000 people town in the middle of two big lakes surrounded by mountains. As we were driving there we saw some of the most enchanting views of our trip. The morning sun made the mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys look so beautiful, that we had to stop few times to try to capture part of those in camera.

In Interlaken we parked our car and went to search a hotel where to get a map of the city. The city was pretty much what I had expected. Big mountains and lots of tourists. But the water was not so clear. As we were walking around the city we noticed that there was a large extreme sports competition this weekend. Unfortunately we had no time to wait two days for it to start. We went to swim on the western lake after enough walking.

If you want to try some extreme sports in Swizerland, then this is the place to be. The town is full of small businesses which offer extreme experiences. There is so much you can do: paragliding, skydiving, river rafting and the one I would have wanted to try, canyoning, where you go along the river with protective gear and do lots of jumps into the rapids. Unfortunately, you can imagine how much these experiences cost. So no fun for us:)

We had asked from information office about where we could get a nice view. There were lots of mountains which peaks you could reach with a chairlift. So we drove our car to one place where those leave. We decided to try the one of the cheapest mountains. A ride to the top of the Männlichen cost 20 euros, so it wasn't so much. And it was worth it! We had never been on 2250 m altitude next to the snowy mountains. The views were breath-taking.

Once we got down we drove on to see this one mountain village. It's quite weird that in Swizerland some small mountain villages don't allow cars in the city without a permit or at certain hours. This small village didn't allow driving during 20.00-24.00, but it was only 6pm when we visited the place. Those mountain villages look very... cute:)

Once we got back to interlaken we went to a supermarket and then for a picnic to the eastern lake. We had bought sausages and bread so we made hot dogs. After dinner we made a small walk along the lake. This time the sunset coloured the mountains beautifully. Tomorrow we would go up north again so we had to farewell these mountains.

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