Friday, July 07, 2006

DAY 26 - 6.7.2006

For Jari the alarm clock rang at 7am. Jari´s train left at 8am to Frankfurt. I got to sleep till 8.50. We had arranged a meeting with girls at 9.05 as we were leaving to Vanessa´s home town, Ulm. It was one hour drive to there. And of course there were no clouds in the sky as we had to drive:) We ate breakfast there and went to small tour around the city.

Ulm is not a big city but very famous in Germany for it´s beautiful old town and Europe´s biggest Protestant church. The church was very impressive. We had seen many churches during our trip but none of those had been built like this one was. The old town was also as beautiful as promised, we had to take several pictures.

After we said goodbye to Vanessa we continued our trip with the other Vanessa to Munich. It was 130 km from Ulm. As we were driving Vanessa heard from the radio that it had promised rain to Munich for the evening. And once we got to Munich it was raining. We had an umbrella and a rain coat with us, so the rain didn´t affect on our sightseeing tour. We went to walk around the city centre. And after it got dark we returned to our car and Vanessa went to her father´s place.

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