Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DAY 27 - 7.7.2006

Alarm clock rang at 8am. We had arranged a meeting with Vanessa in the city centre. Walk from our car to the centum took about an hour, so we took an S-bahn to get there fast. We were going to Deutsche Museum so that is the reason for the early wake up. We ate our breakfast at a park and went inside the museum after that.

The museum was about science and technology. There were 6 floors so once again we managed to spend 5 hours in there. Those kind of museums should be seen in two or more days, but we don't have neither the money or time for that:) We were quite tired after those 5 hours. Because there were so many different subjects, most of them were not interesting. But it was worth the lousy 3 euros.

After the museum we went to eat some pizza. After a little walk we went to an internet cafe to charge our batteries and put some photos on this diary. After some surfing on the web we went to this one arcade hall to play this one video game I used to play as a kid. By then we had already said goodbye to Vanessa. She got a lift from her father back to home as she had a graduation party the next day.

When it was about 9pm I decided to return to our car. I was quite tired after our long day and few short nights. When I got to our car I took a little walk around the neighbourhood to wait Arttu who chose walking instead of S-bahn. I discovered that one block north from our car was this big castle we had seen in postcards. The castle was called SchloƟ Nymphenburg. It's park area was large so I decided to leave it for tomorrow.

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