Saturday, July 22, 2006

DAY 40 - 20.7.2006

Our next destination was Salzburg. It has a rich musical culture and everything there revolves around Mozart. That's because it is the birth town of Mozart. The road leading there was very good as we were expecting more difficult roads. Once we arrived in Salzburg we searched a parking place outside the city centre. It wasn't a long walk from there as the city is quite small.

We went to this market place to get juicy fruits for a breakfast. After breakfast we started to walk around the city. We followed the tips of our travel guide visiting all these parks and squares. We also walked by the house of Mozart and ate the famous Mozart Kugeln chocolates in front of the house. After all the major sights we went to a laundromat to wash our clothes. We ate lunch in a nearby shopping centre's restaurant.

With clean clothes we returned to our car and left Salzburg. We wanted to go to Hallstatt for the rest of the day. Hallstatt is a 900 people town 30 km from Salzburg. It is famous for it's saltmines and ice caves (btw, salz means salt in German). But we were more interested in it's mountain lake:) As we got there we went straight to the beach. Water was once again clear and warm. This would be the last swimmable lake on our trip, so we had to enjoy it to the fullest. We watched the sunset at the lake and continued driving after that.

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