Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 30 - 10.7.2006

We were relieved in the morning. We found this supermarket next to the train station and noticed that the prices were reasonable. Our visit to Swizerland was saved! And there is also lots of fountains in the centrum where you can get drinkable water. We enjoyed a big breakfast in a park.

But now we had another problem. We had taken lots of pictures at the castles so our camera's battery was empty. And no way we could go to an internet cafe to charge batteries with those prices. Luckily Zurich's university is right at the centrum so we went there to charge out batteries. Zürich's university is very nice. It's quite old building. Reminded me of Riga's university. As we were in the university I received an sms from this Swiss girl, Birgit. I had contacted her earlier via the Hospitality Club and now she answered me. She was willing to host us for the night. We had to think about it.

After our batteries were full we went to this Arboretum to enjoy the sunny day and have a little swim on the Zürichsee lake. The water was tempting as it was quite bright and clean. So we decided to relax there for two hours and continue our sightseeing after that.

There isn't really sights in Zürich, but it is an extremely nice city. There are about 350 000 inhabitants so it's a relatively small city, which we prefer. I would very much like to live there if the prices just wouldn't be so high. We went to the train station to test this one phone card we had purchased. We also called to Brigit and she gave us instructions of how to get to her house. She was living with her mother in Wettingen, near Zürich.

When we returned to our car we had a pleasant surprise: we got our first parking ticket, yippee!!!:) 40 francs which is 30 euros. Are we going to pay for it? NO! Screw you, Swiss cops:) After we had filled our water bottles we headed to Wettingen. It was easy to find Wettingen. And soon we were at the door of Brigit's house. There were two of her friends there as they had a little holiday celebration. Unfortunately I don't remember their names anymore. Sorry, girls:) We had drinks on the balcony which the girls had earlier redecorated. We didn't stay up late as Birgit and some of her friends were leaving to Dublin on the next day.

It was nice to sleep in a house after a while... and in a bed:) Oh, and the shower was great too. I can almost remember the time when I used to live in a house... mmm... the good old times:)

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