Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DAY 22 - 2.7.2006

We slept quite late in the morning, around 10 or so. We went to eat breakfast next to the river Rein. After breakfast we started our sightseeing tour of Frankfurt. I like the city of Frankfurt, it´s quite spacious and new. That´s because it was almost completely destroyed during World Wars and rebuilt after that. They say the only building that survived allied bombing was a church. We went to see that church and also the European Union´s central bank.

After seeing the sights and eating enough bratwurst it was time to move on. Our next destination was Heidelberg, a small tourist village on our way to Stuttgart. We arrived there about 9pm so we didn´t have much sunlight for sightseeing. After seeing the town a little bit, we went to this park next to the river. In our car we had a litre of Sangria and a bottle of mint flavoured Bailey´s, so we drank those while lying on the grass and watching the stars. You can say that it was the celebration of our three weeks on the road. By now we have driven over 6000 kilometres, and another 6000 km of hot motorways is left.

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